Monday, November 1, 2010

Wow! Political advertising that makes you think still exists

In the midst of all the "noise" going back and forth on airwaves in the homestretch days of the campaign season, this is a refreshing political spot, regardless of your political leanings. No personal attacks. No stretched truths. No outright lies. (Though, I'm sure there are those who would disagree.) Just a message designed to make you think. I saw it for the first time on Saturday. By this morning, they were talking about it on network television shows, including CNBC's Squawk on the Street program.

The political watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste is responsible for the ad. According to its mission statement, CAGW claims to be "a private, non-partisan, non-profit organization representing more than one million members and supporters nationwide." However, that same mission statement lists no Democrats among those who sing the organization's praises. It does mention several historically prominent Republicans including former President Ronald Reagan, former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and former House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Christopher Cox. Cox is quoted as saying, "CAGW has fought side-by-side with us for welfare reform and massive cuts in wasteful spending to shrink the size of government and the deficit," and he called CAGW "the premier waste-fighting organization in America."

Non-partisan? That's debatable. I think the organization's mission statement makes it clear where supporters stand. Even this ad points to issues and uses buzz words associated with Republican and Tea Party campaigns. And, the timing of its release-- days before the midterm elections-- is obvious, if not suspect. But I give CAGW credit for coming up with a political ad that stimulates my mind rather than bombards it with rapid-fire statements designed to scare voters or accusations and personal attacks about an opponent and very little tangible information about what they would do in office. (OMG!--Tomorrow can't come soon enough for me!)

This ad grabbed my attention when most others make me immediately grab the remote control to either mute the sound or turn the channel. This ad sparked intelligent discussion, and that's been sorely lacking in the political discourse of late.

What do you think? Chime-In!

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