Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Release date announced for "The Makings of a Man"

Columbia, SC-- Excitement is building daily for local authors Jabari Price, Michael Holoman and Gerard Droze as they prepare for the official release of their first book. According to Dawn Mills Campbell, president and chief executive officer of New Dawning Publications, "The Makings of a Man" has arrived from the printer and will be available on November 19th.

Authors (L - R) Michael Holoman,
Gerard Droze and Jabari Price
"It's wonderful to finally have a release date," said co-author Gerard Droze.  "We are so excited to see this project continue to progress from dream to reality."

Those who pre-ordered advance copies of "The Makings of a Man" could begin receiving their books within the next 7-10 days.

The book examines two important questions:  1. What does it take to truly be considered a man?  2.  How do young males learn it?  "The Makings of a Man" gives readers food for thought from three distinct perspectives.

"Not every young man is lucky enough to have a handful of positive male role models to fashion themselves after,” said co-author Jabari Price.  “But, I believe every young man is influenced, in some way, by the males around them regardless of whether those role models are positive or not.”  Price was raised, by his father, in a single-parent household.

Co-author Michael Holoman also was raised in a single-parent home, but by his mother.  "We allow males to have a built-in excuse for not becoming men," said Holoman.  "I didn’t have my father for guidance, but I did have uncles and others who helped me develop an understanding of manhood."

Droze grew up in what many people see as a traditional two-parent home.  "We see this as a mission to teach young men about character and responsibility," said Droze. "Both qualities are essential for true men."

"The Makings of a Man" is currently available for pre-order online at www.themakingsofaman.com.  An official release event will be scheduled soon.

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