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"Nobody Told Me! The Path to Financial Empowerment"

In “Nobody Told Me! The Path To Financial Empowerment,” author Karen R. Jenkins shares the lessons she learned over a lifetime of trial and error.  You will learn the mistakes to avoid and how to recover from missteps already made.  Jenkins explains, in clear, concise and easily understandable language, how you can reach the ultimate destination—harmonious and holistic financial empowerment.

"Straight to the Heart: Life & Love"


COLUMBIA— Experience is a great teacher.  Just ask Brandi Cummings.  She, like many young women, has successfully navigated her way to a successful career as a television journalist and community servant.  But, the road to that success was not always smoothly paved.

Cummings, a native of Augusta, Georgia now living in Columbia, South Carolina where she works at a local television station, struggled with issues of self-identity and self-esteem as a young child and teenager.  “Children can be mean to each other, saying things that make you question your place and your value,” said Cummings.  “Then, as I entered young womanhood, came issues with love and heartbreak,” issues which she believes many young women are introduced to in ways that are sometimes destructive.

In her first book, “Straight to the Heart: Life & Love,” Brandi Cummings shares a collection of original poetry intended to speak to young women and address the true feelings they experience as they progress through puberty and womanhood.  “It isn’t an idealistic portrayal of life and love, but a realistic one,” said Cummings.

"The Makings of a Man"

Often the things required to be considered a man-- in the truest sense of the word-- are passed down from generation to generation, from man to man, by word of mouth or example.  Be it a father, grandfather, uncle, brother, or a man from the neighborhood, most men learn how to carry themselves as men from watching other men or hearing other men speak of what it takes to actually be a man.  In "The Makings of a Man," Jabari Price, Michael Holoman and O. Gerard Droze set out to not only put these things in writing, but to deconstruct society's image of aman and explore the reasons behind why characteristics such as planning, communication, checks and balances, leadership, the ability to face life's storms, and consistency are so vitally important to the fully developed man.  Whether you're 25 or 95, every mal, from time to time, must evaluate himself to be sure they're exhibiting the makings of a man.  Whether you are seeking to bolster your own character or strengthen the character of someone else, this book is a must read.

Relax… It's Ok 2b Single

When it comes to relationships in the 21st century, is marriage still the expected and accepted norm or is it acceptable and okay to be single?  According to U. S. Census Bureau numbers, there are more than 820,000 single, never married people living in South Carolina.  More than 520,000 others are widowed or divorced.1 Are these people single by choice or would they like to find the perfect mate?  Do they feel pressured to find mates or is it okay to live a single life?

Popular media personality Tre’ Tailor says the questions are legitimate, the answers vary and people should not be afraid to talk about being single.  “Everyone can relate to this because everyone has been single at some point in their life,” said Tailor.  To help facilitate the discussion, Tailor is launching a campaign that sends a clear message: “Relax, It’s OK 2B Single!”

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