Saturday, November 13, 2010

Karen Jenkins discusses financial empowerment book on this week's "OnPoint with Cynthia Hardy"

Karen R. Jenkins (right) speaks with "OnPoint!" host Cynthia Hardy.
Photo Credit: KRJ Consulting
TWG client Karen R. Jenkins will be a guest on Sunday's editions of "OnPoint! with Cynthia Hardy" on television and radio.  Jenkins will discuss her new book, "Nobody Told Me!: The Path to Financial Empowerment" and how people can navigate the holiday season during the current difficult economic times.

In “Nobody Told Me!,” released in September, readers learn how to side step financial pitfalls and how to recover from any missteps they may have already made.  “I’m sharing with readers what I learned, through years of trial and error so they can avoid making the same mistakes, ” said Jenkins.

Jenkins, a certified mortgage banker and housing counselor with more than 25 years of experience in banking and other financial services, lays out a road map in clear, concise and easily understandable language designed to help readers reach the ultimate destination—harmonious and holistic financial empowerment.

The television version of "OnPoint" airs at 9:30 AM on WACH-TV (Channel 57.1).  The radio version airs at 6:00 PM on WWDM (101.3 FM).

For more information about "Nobody Told Me!: The Path to Financial Empowerment," click here.

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