Saturday, October 16, 2010

TWG client goes national with the help of Good Enough Mother!

Mothers across the country are paying attention to what Columbia author Karen R. Jenkins has to say!  Rene Syler, national television personality and owner of the website "Good Enough Mother," invited Karen to be a guest blogger and offer her Top 10 Financial Tips to Teach Kids.  Karen jumped at the opportunity.

Karen R. Jenkins
Jenkins, who just released her new book "Nobody Told Me! The Path to Financial Empowerment," is an experienced banker, financial coach and the mother of two teenagers.  Her tips are smart, savvy and super timely as people everywhere work to weather the down economy.  "Everyone needs to know how to navigate the money maze to reach financial freedom," said Jenkins.  "My mission is to make the rules well known and easy to understand."

The overall theme of the guest post on is to start teaching children about money matters at an early age and progressively increase their knowledge, understanding and responsibility as they grow to adulthood.

Rene Syler
"We were so happy to learn about Karen and what she could offer our readers on this subject," said Syler who is based in New York City.

Jenkins qualifies as a Good Enough Mother herself, balancing her family life-- which includes her husband; a daughter playing high school basketball and volleyball; and a son playing middle school basketball and serving on student council-- with her busy schedule speaking, writing and promoting her book.  

"We are always looking for other Good Enough Mothers who can help us help others understand that perfection isn't necessary to take care of your family," said Syler.  "It's all about responsible practicality."

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