Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Remembering the Orangeburg Massacre: "Taking a Stand" gets national exposure

"Taking a Stand" performed at the University of South Carolina.
Photo Credit: Mary Ann Chastain for The New York Times

One of the final stories that I produced and reported at WACH FOX News was about the production of "Taking a Stand: The Orangeburg Massacre" at South Carolina State University.  Written and directed by Calhoun Cornwell, the play debuted at SCSU last February featuring a cast of students, alumni and community members including then-South Carolina State senior Zachary Delano Middleton, the great nephew of slain Orangeburg Massacre victim Delano Middleton.

In February, Cornwell told me his goal was tour the country with "Taking a Stand."  That dream is coming true with the first stop in Columbia a week ago and The New York Times published a story about the play, giving it national exposure.

Congratulations to Calhoun Cornwell, Zachary Middleton and the entire cast & crew of "Taking a Stand." The Woolfolk Group hopes this is the beginning of great things to come in the ongoing effort to make sure America never forgets the Orangeburg Massacre.

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