Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is it really the media's fault?

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I just watched an interview with Cincinnati Bengals wide out Terrell Owens on the NFL Network’s Game Day Morning show. Part One of the interview dealt with the Randy Moss trade from New England to Minnesota and the issue of wide receivers and why they are disrespected in the league.  The question, alone, made me say, “huh?!?!” but then, I had to remind myself that in the minds of these athletes, respect is measured by the number of zeros behind a number on their contracts.

So, when Michael Irvin, the NFL Hall of Fame former wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, who conducted the interview, ask Owens how quarterbacks can get new contracts but their star receivers can’t, Owens declined to “walk down that road” in the interview.

Ultimately, the discussion got around to how could a receiver like Terrell Owens go so long in the off-season without having a team pick him up and Owens blamed “the perception of who I am.”

WR Terrell Owens
Photo: Cincinnati Bengals
I'm so tired of hearing some of these overpaid athletes who think they're underpaid whine about the reasons they can't get paid or picked up by a team and the first reason on their list is "the perception the media portrays," as Owens told Irvin.  We've all watched Terrell Owens' career and at every stop, except Buffalo, he has produced positive results on the field but also some major distractions, both on and off the field.  The media does not create the perception that Owens brings a lot of excess baggage to a team.  Owens needs to understand and accept that the perception people have of him is based on the reality of how he carries himself.  Take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming the media!

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  1. ... t.o.'s behavior ia juvenile and now that his skills have passed their best consistent days, the employers are using the issues and the diminished skills as leverage in negotiations. t.o. also needs to realize that juvenile behavior is not a perception but the reality...