Saturday, January 7, 2012

Protecting Homeownership

COLUMBIA, SC-- Author and financial empowerment coach Karen R. Jenkins is among several local experts promoting the upcoming Rally for Homeownership in Columbia, South Carolina.  The rally is scheduled for Thursday, January 12 at 12:30pm on the North Steps of the State Capitol.  The National Association of Home Builders, the Homebuilders Association of South Carolina and the Homebuilders Association of Greater Columbia are among several sponsors behind the rally.

Karen R. Jenkins
Rally organizers say homeownership is under attack in America and it will take more than talk to fight back.  "Current legislative and regulatory proposals under consideration would greatly harm home owners, home buyers, the housing market and the nation’s economy," said Jenkins.  "Tax, legislative and regulatory schemes would freeze out buyers by scaling back or eliminating the mortgage interest deduction and making mortgages unaffordable and difficult to obtain."  According to Jenkins, if that happened, millions of first-time home buyers and middle-class households would be left out in the cold.

"The goal of the rally is to make sure federal policy makers understand the importance of homeownership to the American people," said Jenkins. "And, we want to let them know what they should do to protect homeownership."  Among those invited to speak at the rally are local, state and federal officials, including South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn, the Assistant Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Jenkins will make four appearances on Columbia radio programs to promote the Rally for Homeownership and awareness of the issues facing homeowners:
N-Touch with Judi Gatson
WLXC – 103.1 FM
Sunday, January 8

The Urban Scene
WGCV – 620 AM
Tuesday, January 10

P.A. Bennett Show
WFMV – 95.3 FM
Tuesday, January 10

P.A. Bennett Show
WGCV – 620 AM
Tuesday, January 10

For more information about the Rally for Homeownership, click here.

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Note:  Karen R. Jenkins is the author of "Nobody Told Me! The Path to Financial Empowerment" and a client of The Woolfolk Group.

For more information about Karen R. Jenkins or to buy her book, click here.

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